Use TapPath to open links with specific apps on Android

Use TapPath to open links with specific apps on Android
Although Android allows users to do a multitude of customizations, some features still need a little fine-tuning. This became more apparent when I wrote about LinkBubble, by Chris Lacy, back in March of this year. The LinkBubble app helps load links in


20 best Android apps and games this week
The Guardian
It’s time for our weekly roundup of the best new Android apps and games to have emerged on the Google Play store. As ever, prices are correct at the time of writing, but may have changed by the time you read this. (Free + IAP) means in-app purchases
Apps to make your kid’s life easierKSHB

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Tech Times

HTC is bringing its in-house apps to the rest of Android
HTC’s been making Android skins and apps for a long time, but now the company wants its home-grown software to conquer more devices — even those made by other manufacturers. According to Recode, the Taiwanese phonemaker has started developing …
HTC ‘to push software business by sharing Android appsDigital Spy
HTC releases new Zoe app that allows more Android users to create The Next Web
HTC spins off a software company for Android appsGreenbot
Liliputing –Tech Times –TechRadar UK
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Wayland e Mir: quali sono le reali differenze?

Il server grafico X.Org, implementazione open source del vecchio server grafico X Window System per sistemi Unix basato sul protocollo X11, è ormai da almeno 20 anni alla base di qualsiasi distribuzione GNU/Linux o sistema Unix-like (vedi FreeBSD e simili) … Continua The post Wayland e Mir: quali sono le reali differenze? appeared first on Chimera Revo – News, guide e recensioni…

Paranoid Android rilascia la 4.5 beta1

Paranoid Android, come ormai di consueto, rilascia ogni Martedì un aggiornamento della sua ROM. Questa settimana però anziché rilasciare una versione stabile ed una alpha, rende disponibile al download la prima beta della 4.5. Si tratta di un passo avanti in quanto è stato passato lo stadio alpha, quindi non dovrebbe presentare evidenti problemi di […]

Scheda tecnica di LifeStyle Radio

Nome e logo LifeStyle Radio Indirizzo dell’emittente: Responsabile dell’emittente Fabio Mazzarella Indirizzo fisico del flusso audio sulla porta 80: Genere musicale prevalente Generalista (Creative Commons) Tipologia di palinsesto  Trasmissione…