Android Streaming App AllCast to Add Mirroring


Android Streaming App AllCast to Add Mirroring
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Update: Sorry folks, we spoke a bit too soon on this. The feature is a work in progress for Chromecast, so it will (hopefully) begin arriving in apps like AllCast soon. There’s good news for Android device owners who also have a decent TV. AllCast
CyanogenMOD developer demos Android Mirroring to ChromecastMuktware

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Android this week: Galaxy S5 box leaks specs, Android apps on
Technically, you can already run Android apps on Windows — or a Mac, for that matter — by using Bluestacks. So it’s not clear what users would gain from this on desktops and laptops. My thought is that Microsoft can help diminish its perceived “app
Microsoft should welcome Android with open arms, but not in the WinBeta
Windows Phone may soon run Android appsBhatkallys
Android apps to land on Windows and Windows Phone storesInferse
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5 more great Android apps that do amazing things the iPhone can’t
Last week, we wrote about five Android apps that do amazing things the iPhone just can’t. There are countless clear benefits to owning a smartphone powered by Apple’s mobile platform but the simple fact of the matter is that the restrictions imposed on 
Best new Android tablet apps: Write code, customize your home TabTimes
Featured: Top 10 Android Apps of the Month – February 2014Android Headlines – Android News
Studios turning to crowdsourcing to fund Android app –Brian Madden (blog) –Newsday
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