29 best Android apps

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29 best Android apps
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The popularity of Android has surged over the past year, driven by more excellent smartphones and the first crop of genuinely exciting 7in tablets. To help you fill your new devices, we round up the 29 best Android apps that you should download today.


Quantifying Quality: Ranking The Top 60 Apps In iOS & Android
When ReadWrite had Applause run the data on all iOS and Android apps in January, one argument (among many) was that the sample apps we had Applause specifically dig into were not representative of the entire body of work of each app store.
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New Android apps worth downloading: Thread, SO.HO, City Conquest
Android Apps Appolicious
First is Thread, a caller ID app that pulls in email, Twitter, Facebook and more, to be your primary communications hub and to provide you with context for every call you make with others. SO.HO is up next, bringing your social media feeds from

Arriva Android 4.2 per Xperia Z, grazie alla CM10.1

Ormai il mondo del modding non conosce limiti, appena arriva un nuovo device sul mercato ci si mette subito al lavoro per creare e sfornare nuove ROM, per personalizzare ed ottimizzare il proprio device. E’ questo il caso dell’Xperia Z, che dispone ora di Android 4.2 grazie alla CM10.1. Vediamo le caratteristiche di tale ROM: […]

Tablet PC- The Best Cooking Guide for everyone 0211

Android Tablets PC¡¯s have become very popular these days. The biggest advantage that the Android Tablets provide is Google Play store which allows you to download various Apps. Tablet PC¡¯s are really handy and you might use them for multiple purposes. Android Apps provide quick access to information and an immediate solution

Io non capisco la gente che…

Su iPhone e Android gira un’apps che è un giochillo simil Scarabeo: Ruzzle . L’hanno scaricato 30 milioni di persone al mondo (e si sfidano, tra loro, on-line). L’Italia ha un primato : quello di download di apps per barare a Ruzzle. Dato che a Ruzzle non si vince niente, a me risulta incomprensibile il motivo per cui si voglia giocare sporco. Tale Andrea Varriale, che da anni crea apps,…